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Child Foster Care Training

Initial Child Foster Care Required Trainings


  • Children’s Mental Health:  Prior to a nonemergency placement of a child in a foster care home, the child foster care license holder and caregivers in foster family and treatment foster care settings, and all staff providing care in foster residence settings must complete two hours of training that addresses the causes, symptoms, and key warning signs of mental health disorders; cultural considerations; and effective approaches for dealing with a child's behaviors.  Complete the Self Study Questionnaire for CMH and return it to the licensor.
  • Reasonable and Prudent Parent Standards:  This two-hour training is required under federal law for ALL child foster care parents and applicants.  This includes both relative and non-relative foster care providers regardless of the age group you are caring for.


    • View the video, power point handouts and the Reasonable and Prudent Parenting Guidelines & Fact Sheet.
    • Discuss/Consider the learning examples from the website.
    • Review the MN Joint Underwriter’s Liability Information.
    • Take the RPP Post Test and return it to the licensor. 


  • Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Training:  Required for all within the first 12 months of providing care and annually thereafter of at least 1 hour.   Complete and return the FASD Post Test to the licensor.
  • Smoke Free Foster Care:  Required where one or more applicant in the home is a smoker.  View the video.  Complete and return the Smoke Free Foster Care Self Study Questionnaire and return it to the licensor.
  • SUID and AHT Training:  Required for those caring for infants through 5 years of age.  Required to be updated every 5 years.  View the videos and complete the SUID AHT Post Tests and return them to the licensor.
  • Child Passenger Safety Training:  Required for caring for children under 9 years of age. (In Person Only) 

On Going Child Foster Care Training

Each foster parent will need 12 hours of training per year.  At least one hour of the annual training requirement for the foster family license holder and caregivers, and foster residence staff must be on Children's Mental Health Issues and treatment and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders.

If you have any questions, please contact your licensor:

Jennifer McLaughlin
809 Elm St,  Ste 1186
Alexandria MN  56308

320-762-3814Skype Call
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