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County Board Meeting September 3

Posted: 09/03/2019

Category: County Board, Departments

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The Douglas County Board heard from several residents at its board meeting September 3 and it conducted routine county business. First the residents’ issues.

A man who lives near the Carlos overflow parking area would like the county to discontinue trimming the hedge at the parking area. He says when it’s cut low he can see all of the vehicles and trailers from his home and it’s unsightly. County Board Chair Charlie Meyer said he would follow up with Land and Resources Director Dave Rush.

A woman in Belle River township asked the board to take formal action for a public hearing regarding a township road that she says is not being properly maintained. She also says trees are impeding the right of way and preventing her from moving a house onto her property. A public hearing is scheduled, and will be publicly posted, for October 15.   

A resident asked the board to consider using a Horizon Public Health inspector to inspect rental properties for low income folks in the county living outside the city limits of Alexandria. He offered to use himself as a pilot for the project.

County commissioners approved requests from three residents looking for minor repairs to county ditches that run through their land. The ditches are #10, #17 and #23. The landowners asked that all the projects be allowed this fall.  

A project to convert the Douglas County Courthouse boiler system from steam to hot water is moving ahead. Engineering Design Initiative (edi) was chosen to coordinate the project which will including sending the work out for bid.

A and E Plumbing and Heating will do work to replace one existing tube bundle that serves the Court Holding Area.  

And finally, the parking lot at the Douglas County Services Center will be repaved this fall. The contract was given to Mark Lee who will remove and replace the asphalt lot and provide striping. Public messaging will be released prior to the project so those looking to access the services center will allow adequate time to find parking on the street.


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