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Real Estate Recording

The Douglas County Recorder/Registrar of Titles provides protection and public notice by recording, indexing, preserving and displaying records of legal documents that affect real estate.


The Recorder’s Office is open to the public for viewing of indexes, documents and Certificates of Title for Torrens property.  Online access is also available through our LandShark system.


The Douglas County Recorder’s Office cannot offer legal advice or assist in preparing documents.  Please consult a legal advisor for assistance.



What is eRecording?
Electronic recording (eRecording) is defined as a process of submitting, receiving, reviewing, recording, and returning documents via the internet rather than sending documents to the Recorder’s office by courier service or express mail.

Benefits for Document Customers
Scan and submit documents via the internet using a secure process, reduced mail and courier costs, improved and secure electronic fee processing, document rejections are returned quicker, enhanced document tracking and turnaround time, document is available instantly once recorded, the original documents do not leave your custody, and it’s a “green” technology.

Benefits for the Recorder
Reduces document processing time, decreases document turnaround time, eliminates return mail handling fees, increased document security, enhanced document tracking, secure payment processing.

Legal Basis for an Electronic Transaction
The legal basis for eRecording is authorized Federal (eSIGN), the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA), and the Uniform Real Property Electronic Transaction Act (URPERA).

How to get Started
Please check this website periodically for an updated list of document types accepted through eRecording as capabilities expand.

Subscribe with an authorized document submitter that is authorized to eRecord with the Douglas County Recorder’s Office. These companies have developed their own document submission software and are authorized by contract with Douglas County. There are fees associated with these services that can be discussed with each company directly.

Melanie Gornick

Corporation Service Company

eRecording Partners Network
Pam Trombo
888-325-3365 Ext 11240

Indecomm Global Services
Randall Haupert